Which DMOs Are Using Twitter To Promote Their Destinations?

post1[tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on market research.  It’s been a fun and very enlightening experience.  My quest was to find out which DMOs were using Twitter,  and how it was helping them promote their destinations.  The assumption I had going into this little project is that there would be hundreds (if not thousands) of state, regional, and local DMOs using Twitter … but that not very many of them would be from Texas.

So far, I’ve been right on both counts.  Now I’m on a mission.  We Texans tend to have rather high opinions of ourselves, but I find we are lacking in this department (trust me, that was hard for me to admit!).  I’d love to help change that.  Here’s one thing I’m doing about it.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been slowly putting together an agenda for a seminar I’m hosting in my region.  It’s called Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs To Promote Your Community.  If you plan to be in Austin, TX area on June 11, 2009, give me a shout.

Since there aren’t many DMOs and attractions in my region that are using social media, we’ll be starting with an introduction and description of social media in general.  Then we’ll move on to using Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to help promote destinations.  Attendees will be encouraged to bring their laptops, actually set up accounts, and begin to implement these tools right away.

Another thing I’d like to show them is that social media can be the next “great equalizer” if done correctly.  In other words, it’s not just for the big guys with big budgets.  I want to show them that many small and mid-sized destinations are using these tools.  And using them effectively.

Other than some of the big guys in Texas (i.e., HoustonSan Antonio, and Austin), I found less than a dozen chambers of commerce or visitor bureaus on Twitter.  In other states, this simply isn’t the case.

A quick look at the Twitter followers (594 at the time of this posting) of the Southeast Tourism Society demonstrates that the size of the DMO is simply not an issue in using social media to market a destination.  Take a look and see.

Our own state tourism office doesn’t have a presence on Twitter yet,  when other states (i.e., Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, Idaho, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky … and that’s just the first page of results!) are tweeting regularly.

Is your DMO using Twitter to help market and promote your destination and its attractions and events?   If so, how are you using it?

Are you “listening” to the comments being made about your destination?  If so, how do you respond to those comments and questions?

What say you?

Photo courtesy of slporp.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been talking, er, ranting about this topic for awhile, and since I’m in the Austin area I’d love to know more about your event (sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com)

    Tourism organizations need to print fewer brochures and spend more time online interacting with prospective visitors. They also need to be ramping up quickly in their mobile expertise, and thinking about things like iPhone apps.

    People are driving through every CVBs area of interest, scrolling for info on iPhones or BlackBerrys. What are they finding?

    Not as much as they should, I’ll bet.

  2. Sheila,
    I’ve only just begun to rant, but definitely share your opinions on this. I’m trying to change the opinions and minds in my region any way I can. Hopefully this seminar will at least cause people to sit up and take notice. Then, we’ll see.

    I’d be happy to share the seminar information with you once the agenda is finalized – hopefully sometime this week.

    I’ve “followed” you for a few weeks now and was thrilled that you commented on this post. I’d love for you to come to the seminar as well. You’d have some valuable input, I’m sure. Thanks!
    — Sarah

  3. […] mentioned the seminar a couple of weeks ago in this post as a way to begin creating some awareness about just how valuable a tool social media marketing can […]

  4. […] couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the seminar  in a previous post as a way to begin creating some awareness about just how valuable a tool social media marketing […]

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