Lessons I Learned From HubSpot: Promoting a Social Media Marketing Seminar


[tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]If you haven’t heard of HubSpot yet, you will.  This Boston-based company is filled with bright and creative people who live and breathe social media marketing – or “inbound marketing” as they call it there.  Much of what I’ve learned on the subject has been from the free resources they provide to their customers and the general public.

Their main line of business is their inbound marketing software.  From their web site:  “HubSpot is an inbound marketing system that helps your business get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more of those prospects into leads and paying customers.”

Here’s how I’m putting my lessons learned from HubSpot to good use.

I represent a tourism region in Texas called the Colorado River Trail (CRT).  The CRT consists of 11 counties – and the communities within them – that follow the Colorado River as it meanders its way through Central Texas and down to the Gulf Coast.  Part of my job is to help them promote all the great things to see and do there.  Basically, to let people know what’s unique about the area.  Another thing I try to do is to provide the region with current and relevant information about tourism and marketing to help them do their jobs more effectively.

Here’s one thing I’m doing to help in that effort.  For the second year in a row, the CRT is partnering with the Texas Leadership Institute (a statewide non-profit charged with providing training to elected officials and community leaders) to present a seminar about marketing a community or destination using social media tactics.

The seminar is entitled, “Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs to Promote Your Community.” It will be held in Austin, TX at LCRA’s Redbud Center on June 11, 2009.  The seminar is only $50 and includes all course materials and a tasty lunch.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the seminar  in a previous post as a way to begin creating some awareness about just how valuable a tool social media marketing can be.  Too few destination marketing organizations (DMOs), local governments, chambers of commerce, etc. in Texas are making use of these marketing tools.  Why that is, I don’t know.  But I’m going to do what I can to change it.

They need to know how to use social media to promote their community to visitors, keep residents informed and engaged, and participate in meaningful conversations with their customers.

Sessions and Speakers:

The seminar will feature some great sessions and speakers.  Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store:

  • Introduction to Social Media – Learn what social media is and how it can be used to effectively market and promote a community.
  • Facebook, Twitter, & Blogs: Tools to Try– Bring your laptop and learn how to set up a Facebook page, a blog, and a Twitter account during this hands-on session.
  • Live Web Site Critiques – Get supportive input from the presenter and the audience.
  • Case Studies – Hear from communities that are using social media now.
  • Live Webinar– Learn how to promote an event with social media via a live webinar.

Speakers include Carla Pendergraft (@CarlaWaco) with Carla Pendergraft Associates, Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) with HubSpot, Katie Cook (@katiecook) with the Austin Convention and Visitor Bureau, and Will Hampton ( @willhampton) with the City of Round Rock.

Using What I’ve Learned:

A few weeks ago, HubSpot featured a terrific blog post about promoting an event using social media marketing.  HubSpot graciously accepted my request to turn this post into one of their excellent webinars, and it will be broadcast live during our seminar.

Trying to apply what I learned from that post, I’ve begun my social media marketing campaign to promote the seminar.  I’ve developed a landing page for information about the seminar and helpful downloads, and I started tweeting about it.

My E-mail and mailing lists are fairly extensive, and those people have already heard from me.  Future tweets will include teasers about the speakers and topics, and possibly a free registration giveaway at some point.  And yes, I’m blogging about it here on Tourism Tech and on my Traveling on the Colorado River Trail blog about the CRT region.

Lastly, I’ve created a hashtag on Twitter that will help m and others interested parties follow the buzz on the seminar.  Want to follow along?  Simply search for #smseminar, and you’re there!

Would you like to attend?

To register, visit the Texas Leadership Institute’s web site and sign up for course number 1382.  If you have questions, you can find me on Twitter – @pagetx.  Be sure to use the #smseminar hashtag.

So, what do you think?  What else could I be doing to promote the seminar?

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