Creative Uses of Twitter Lists

Just the Grocery List [tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]Ahh, lists.  We all use them – probably daily – to make life a little easier.  For those of us over 40, they are a staple tool to help get us the job done.  But lists are simply just utilitarian and functional.  Institutional even.  Or are they?

Enter the Twitter List.  According to Wikipedia, “In late 2009, the “Twitter Lists” feature was added, making it possible for users to follow (as well as mention and reply to) lists of authors instead of individual authors.”  Mashable wrote a great piece about 10 Ways You Can Use Twitter lists which covered most of the basics.  Many DMOs took the ball and ran with it, creating Twitter lists to help visitors and potential visitors find information about their destinations quickly.  If you were to look, you’d find that most social media-savvy DMOs have at least a few Twitter Lists at the ready.

But sometimes even a list can be a helpful tool and still have a little fun.  Not satisfied with simply being helpful, the examples below help to highlight the unique personality of the destination or of the creator.

Austin TX

Being from the Austin area, I’m starting close to home.  Austin is known far and wide as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, so the Austin Convention & Visitor Bureau created a handy list showing live music venues and resources in and around Austin.

Austin is  also very much a “foodie” town, so the CVB also created a list for many of the great local restaurants.  It’s called “ATX Food Goodness”.

Columbia SC

Perhaps the most comprehensive set of Twitter Lists is found in Columbia, South Carolina.  Here you’ll find everything from lists about hotels, nightlife, and meeting facilities to lists for relocation, young professionals, and the all-important politicians.  It’s evident that the folks in Columbia really thought this through.  Here are a couple of screen grabs from the Famously Hot team:

Travel Oregon

In spite of all the “list-worthy” possibilities, Travel Oregon chose to highlight some of their most unique attractions/businesses with their Twitter lists.  One thing people know about Oregon is that some pretty terrific wine comes from there, so why not a list for the wineries?  All 78 of them on Twitter!  Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest, are not strangers to craft breweries either, but the distilleries were new to me.

#AskACurator Day

On September 1st, museums and galleries from all over the world staged a pretty interesting hashtag/Twitter list combo.  Using the hashtag #AskACurator, the participating museums fielded questions from the public that would be answered by the curator(s) on staff.  The Smithsonian museums that participated in this one-day event were highlighted in an Ask a Curator Twitter list.

Visit Savannah

Another one of the best examples of Twitter lists I’ve found is from Savannah, GA.  Equally as comprehensive as the lists from Columbia SC, Savannah also adds in some festivals and events, tours, historical sites, and wedding vendors to their Twitter lists.

But perhaps what I like about Savannah’s lists the best is their creator Amy Brock.  Amy is one of my favorite people on Twitter.  She is a consistent source of valuable tourism, marketing, and social media information.  Her natural humor shines through in every tweet.  And she has a list about …. wait for it … BACON!  Yes, bacon.  That delectable, mouth-watering, breakfast meat that seems to make any dish just a little bit better.  If it’s not on Amy’s Bacon list, then you just don’t need to know about it.

And You?

There you have it.  A small sampling of some creative ways DMOs are using Twitter lists to help promote their area to visitors.  What have I missed?  I know there are tons of other great examples out there.  Please share with the class in the comments.

Photo courtesy of KTVee.

5 Responses

  1. WHOOHOO! Great post Sarah!

    • Ha! Thanks for the “Woo Hoo”, Amy. You and Savannah deserve a shout out for the great work that you do. Keep it up!
      — Sarah

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Austin Texas, Sarah Page, katie cook, Amy Brock, Anne Hornyak and others. Anne Hornyak said: Excellent!! RT @pagetx: Creative uses of Twitter Lists: […]

  3. This is an excellent post, and we are honored to have @columbiasc included in your list. Thank you!

    • Well, the pleasure was mine Mandi. I love being able to highlight the good work that y’all are doing in @columbiasc. You’re an example to us all.
      — Sarah

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