How Do You Say Thank You? Like This.

[tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]About a year ago, I was preparing for a presentation on social media marketing for a small town business group.  The focus was going to be about how small businesses could benefit from the use of social media to market their products and services.  I wanted to provide them with some examples of how businesses just like them are using social media marketing and seeing results.   Who better to ask for ideas than the social media world itself?

I put out a request for examples on Twitter and within the day I had several leads to research.  Becky McCray sent a few ideas to me, but one in particular stood out. 

United Linen Rocks Social Media

Becky told me about this company in Bartlesville, OK called United Linen & Uniform Service.  In particular, she told me to ping their Marketing Director – Scott Townsend on Twitter.  I gave Scott a shout, told him about my goals for the presentation, and he did not disappoint.  United Linen is a highly social company, due in large part to Scott’s efforts.  They maintain a United Linen Twitter account, a YouTube channel,  a blog, a Flickr account, and a Facebook page.  The company uses these channels to communicate with its customers and share highly useful information.

I especially love their YouTube channel because they devote lots of bandwidth to showing their customers how to use their products.  Check out this video on how to fold napkins:

How To Say Thank You

Needless to say, I’m a fan of United Linen and Scott.  I thanked Scott for his help and incorporated his information into my presentation.  After delivering the presentation, I uploaded it to Slideshare and went on about my business.  That was a year ago.  Yesterday I was looking for a specific slide for a new presentation I was working on, and thought it might be in that old social media marketing for small business presentation.  Not having looked at it in a year, I was surprised to see a comment underneath the presentation.  And blown away by what it said.  Take a look:

A thoughtful and personalized thank you for including information about his company, and compliments to me on my presentation.  Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I quickly wrote a response to his thank you video and ate a little crow while I was at it.

As embarrassed as I am for totally missing his comment … for a whole YEAR … I felt the need to share with you the awesomeness that is Scott Townsend.  Follow him.  Follow United Linen.  He’s good people.

2 Responses

  1. As Astro from the Jetson’s would say, rut roh… And yet, how great for you to acknowledge that you missed him. And, even better, what a great idea. i only wish I could have thought of that. But, as they say, emulation is a great form of flattery. I will start doing video Thank Yous too…. (when appropriate)

    • Way to go with the Jetson’s reference, Karen! Yeah, I dorked that one up big time. But as you said, his video thank you was just too good not to highlight. And really, how much longer would that take compared to thanking me via email? Best of luck with your video thank yous!

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