Bam! Market Research Made Easy

[tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]Social media changes on a daily basis.  So much so, it’s hard to keep up with the newest shiny toy that shows up to solve all our marketing problems.  It’s great to experiment and try new things, but sometimes we forget about the fundamentals as we chase after the brass ring.   That’s why I get so excited when I see brands that still do the simple – and often overlooked – things in social media marketing.  Take today for instance … 

I had an errand to run during lunch, so I decided to swing by one of my favorite local burger joints – Mighty Fine Burgers in the Austin, TX area – to grab a cheeseburger to go.  Being the social media addict that I am, I checked in at Mighty Fine on Foursquare and tweeted it.

Then the magic happened.  In the time it took me to get my cheeseburger and drive back to the office (about 30 minutes), another burger restaurant saw my tweet and responded to it.

What were the odds Red Robin Gourmet Burgers was already following me and just happened to notice this?  I’d venture to say slim to none.  What is much more likely is that Red Robin was listening.

I do workshops and seminars on social media marketing for small businesses.  The workshops cover a lot of ground, but one key piece of knowledge I try to impart to them is the importance of listening.  It’s easy to do with saved searches on Twitter, and can reveal loads of great information about what your customers like and dislike about your business or products.  And, it can also reveal who your next potential customer might be.  Case in point – the Red Robin response to my check in.

Maybe they set up a saved search for “cheeseburger” and “Austin”.  But I’ll bet they created a saved search for a competitor, a.k.a. Mighty Fine Burgers.

So.  Stinkin’.  Smart.

And so easy to do.  You see?  They didn’t use the newest or shiniest toy.  Red Robin used Twitter for simple market research.

Did it work?  You bet.  I followed them back immediately, and will be giving them a try the next time I crave a cheeseburger.  And just to sweeten the pot, Red Robin Austin DMed me a coupon – nice touch!

I will always be a proud Mighty Fine Burgers customer.  They’re a great local success story, and the food there is hard to beat.  But variety is the spice of life, right?

What cool examples like this do you have?

Mighty Fine Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

2 Responses

  1. Great real-life example of the power of listening and having a strategy in place for joining the conversation. Yes, I said JOINING the conversation. Using a clever, soft sell manner encourages further dialogue instead of turning people off and looking like a stalker with hard sell ads and directives. I wish more independent retailers, attractions and restaurants would get this before it’s too late for them to catch up.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Vicky. I thought the same thing! I was thrilled to see a local business harness the power of social media, AND use it in such an effective way.

    This Red Robin restaurant has gained a new follower, and more importantly, a new customer.

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