Fish Where the Fish Are

A man's man's breakfast

Courtesy of Coos Bay-North Bend VCB/David Miller

Back in June of 2009, I wrote a post about The Ones To Watch.  In it, I highlighted two smaller communities that were using social media effectively to help promote their destinations.  And while neither of them have really left the scene, Coos Bay, OR is back with a simple lesson to us all: Fish where the fish are.   Both literally and metaphorically.

Located on Oregon’s coast, Coos Bay is known for its great fishing, crabbing, and clamming.  These are extremely popular activities with visitors, as well as being major contributors to the local economy.

Every so often, DMOs have to go through the process of updating their marketing materials – including websites.  Coos Bay is wrapping up its redesign as we speak.  Wanting to do justice to the local fishing opportunities in the redesign, Katherine Hoppe (Director of Promotions and Conventions) employed a simple, yet effective technique.  She asked some questions.

Kat met with an official from the Fish and Wildlife department to get his input on organizing the fishing content on her website.  Specifically, he showed Kat how to categorize the content in a way that makes sense to fishermen – not website designers.  Simple?  Yes.  Smart?  Absolutely.   A DMO’s mission is to make its destination’s content easy to find and make it useful to visitors.  So in this case, simple is best.

Are there activities in your destination that are popular with specific niche user groups?  If they are important market segments (and if you want more of them), why not get some input from them on how best to organize and display the information they need?  Seems to me like it would be time well spent.

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