Tired of Searching for Flickr Photos of Your Destination? Automate It!

Flickr Icon[tweetmeme source=”pagetx”]As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of Flickr.  I use it personally to share photos from my life and my travels.  I also use it professionally to help promote the Colorado River Trail region with our Flickr group.  With this group, I’m able to get candid and often high-quality photos from people enjoying my destination.  I’ve used them in blog posts, on Facebook and Twitter, and even in a publication (with the photographer’s permission, of course).

Finding these photos can be very time-consuming – especially when your destination consists of 11 Texas counties.  Manually searching for town or attraction names is tedious at best.  What if there were a way to have great photography delivered to you on a daily basis?

What if you didn’t have to hunt for them any more?  What would that be worth to you?

Now.  What if I told you it was free and just takes a few simple steps to get set up?

Well, wait no more!  

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Review the amazing information you can get from just doing this simple search.
    • Popular tags, interesting and recent photo uploads, featured local photographers, and groups that contain photos from your destination.
  • Check out what is circled in red in the 2nd photo below ==> You can subscribe to the geofeed via RSS! 
Step 3:
  • Click on the word “geofeed” to obtain the URL.
    • The geofeed pulls photos that are geo-tagged to your destination either manually by you when you place your Flickr photo on a map, or automatically by your smart phone or digital camera.

Step 4:

  • Copy and paste the feed’s URL into the reader of your choice (just like you would subscribe to a blog).  I like Google Reader.
  • Click the “Add” button to subscribe.
  • You can rename the feed to something that makes more sense than “Recent Uploads”, as well as place your new feed into a category.

Step 5:

  • Bask in the glory of your awesomeness as you watch those beautiful photos get delivered to your Google Reader every single day.  Without even trying.

Step 6:

  • Click  on the photos you like.  It will take you to the photo’s page on Flickr.
  • Under the “Actions” menu, click on “Invite to/remove from group”.
  • Select the group where you’d like to add the photo, and presto! The photographer will be notified that you’ve requested their photo be added to your group.
  • They can accept or decline.

So what do you think?  Will you do it?

Note:  Big props go my friend and sometimes Flickr mentor Brooks Bennett (@BrooksBennett) for teaching me how to do this.  Did you know Brooks created TweetChat?  Did I mention he’s smart?

5 Responses

  1. This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  2. Indeed!! Excellent.. its will really save lots of time getting this done, i will definitely try it out and will get back to you if any issues.

    Thanks for posting

  3. I LOVE this! Thank you so much for the step by step!

  4. Thanks biodun and Stephanie for the kind words! I’m really glad you think this post was helpful. I know I used to spend tons of time searching for photos, and this has made it so easy. Let me know how it works for you.
    — Sarah

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