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The Tourism Tech blog merges cutting-edge technology applications with tourism and destination marketing strategies.  Tourism Tech combines the thoughts and ideas of the author, Sarah Page, with content from other highly-respected bloggers and authors on the subjects of tourism marketing, social media, branding, and technology applications.

About Me

Sarah Page has been in the tourism industry for over 20 years.  Her experience includes a 12-year stint for the State of Texas at both the Texas Department of Transportation’s Travel Division, and the Texas Department of Economic Development’s Tourism Division (currently housed under the Office of the Governor).  Since then, Sarah has been employed by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and works with its rural customer communities on tourism and economic development projects.

Her experience with the public sector, rural communities, and working with limited resources drove her to explore alternative ways of promoting destinations to visitors.  Social media, other new technology applications, and fostering relationships seemed to be the answer.

With that in mind, Sarah was off and running to uncover the best examples, tips, strategies, information, and creativity to share with other tourism marketers.

Sarah welcomes your questions, comments, and input on any and all of the topics posted on Tourism Tech.  Join the conversation.  Sarah can be reached by E-mail at pagetx@gmail.com or on Twitter as @pagetx.

The opinions expressed in this blog belong expressly to Sarah Page, and do not reflect the ideas or policies of any current or previous employer.

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